Riken Perfumery Holdings Co., Ltd.
Riken Perfumery Co., Ltd.


BUSINESS #1Food flavors

Riken Perfumery Holdings Food flavoring business

“New flavors contribute to the creation of a delicious taste”

Flavors are said to be the source of deliciousness, and they change along with their trends. We are surrounded by a wide variety of foods now, and we can enjoy cuisine and confections from around the world.

While there is a preference for authenticity and originality of food consumption, the consumption patterns are constantly flux, such as there is a tendency of eating alone and dining out.

Along with the consumption trends changes, flavors are said to be the source of deliciousness. Riken Perfumery’s flavors are applied diverse range of food products, including bakeries, confectioneries, chocolates, ice creams, beverages, oil and fat products, retort foods and so on, and these are backed by tireless research and development and advanced quality control technology.

BUSINESS #2Gas odorants

Riken Perfumery Holdings Gas odorant business

“Ensuring safety”

Riken Perfumery developed gas odorants to detect urban gas and LP gas leaks, initially supplying domestically and then expanded to Asian countries.
Odorless room, a unique facility in Japan, is used to execute research ongoingly.

We have developed specialized trucks to deliver our products to suppliers nationwide.

BUSINESS #3Deodorizers, etc.

Riken Perfumery Holdings Deodorizer business

“Creating comfortable living spaces”

Riken Perfumery has pioneered inventive products, encompassing deodorizers for cigarettes, toilets, and garbage, as well as room, factory, cockroach trap aromas, mosquito repellents, and more.

Riken Perfumery is dedicated to advancing technologies that optimize these living spaces for individuals.